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Existing Conditions Surveys

Providing the Building Community with As Built Building Documentation; 3D Building Information Models, 3D Laser Scanning.

Celebrating 20 years of service in Boston!

Celebrating 20 years of service in Boston!

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Sarah Farkas

Post 37, 2019, Inkjet print, $250.00

As architectural photographers, we photograph some breathtaking spaces! Newly designed, clean, and modern. Though, it's beautiful in its design, there's something about time, and the history in architecture.

I currently live in the small town of Bellows Falls, VT, and I recently had the opportunity to photograph it as a project. Though, I wanted to come from a tourist perspective, my project quickly went on a different path. I found myself mostly drawn to the most beautiful, yet neglected architecture. I learned that Bellows Falls was once a blooming prosperous town, known for its logging and producing paper. However, after the Great Depression, Bellows Falls plummeted losing much of its wealth and residents. Though many of its most beautiful architecture is now neglected, its history still stands leaving a beautiful, nostalgic presence.

Opera House, 2019, Inkjet print, $250.00

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