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Katrina Jannen

Northern Avenue Bridge Boston, 2019, Digital photograph, $750.00

The new and the old of Boston are reflected in this photograph. The Northern Avenue Bridge, built in 1908 stands proud with the newer Boston skyline peeking out from behind it, showcasing a vibrant waterfront quite different from the one that existed when this swing bridge was built.

Hinsdale-Brattleboro Bridge, 2015, Digital photograph, $750.00

This Pennsylvania Truss style bridge spans the Connecticut River and will be 100 years old in 2020. It has been deemed functionally obsolete and is slated for replacement next year. The passage of time has not been kind to this bridge in a society deeply dependent on cars.

Sunset at the Old North Bridge, 2017, Digital photograph, $750.00

History is invoked by mention of the Old North Bridge. In 1775, it was used in the Battle of Concord. It was dismantled in 1793, being deemed no longer practical. The bridge was subsequently rebuilt multiple times in: 1875, 1889, and 1909. The current bridge was built in 1956 with 1760 drawings.