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BBB Boston Boulevard

We at BBB feel that the most climate-ready Boston initiatives should start with our existing conditions and building stock. Through the use of small-scale interventions such as shared communal gardens, added bike lanes, and the tactical addition of solar panels on roofs, we have envisioned a community that thrives from limited-resource projects with lower embodied energy than complete retrofits or new construction. Our example illustrates potential changes to already-existing neighborhoods to utilize less-used space, create safer eco-friendly transit routes, and promote the greater initiatives of the Climate Ready Boston Outline of Actions. These changes serve as a means to create a climate-ready neighborhood without the use of energy-intensive operations or high monetary costs. As a demonstration of our commitment as a firm to sustainability, all materials utilized in our gingerbread construction are biodegradable and easily compostable (or eaten!). We believe it is the small improvements we make in our own four walls that make powerful change for the planet, even if those four walls are only made of gingerbread.

Beyer Blinder Belle