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Gummy-bear Park: Nature Based Solutions for a Resilient Coastal Ginger-scape

Long-term ecological adaptation is a strategy Boston is using for adapting to climate change that harnesses nature-based solutions and ecosystem services. This coastal gingerbread landscape, created by CBA Landscape Architects, depicts vegetated dunes that act as a living levee and a frontline defense for storm surge. An accessible boardwalk provides beach access and habitat views while protecting dune biodiversity. The flexible open space behind the dunes allows for North Atlantic Coastal Plain Maritime Forest species to flourish, and it is a permeable surface where storm water can be temporarily stored. Gummy-bear park users enjoy the informal trails and seating amidst the Pitch Pines, Scrub Oaks, and other salt tolerant species that help to mitigate erosion of the ginger-scape. A multiuse permeable path borders the highest ground of the park that hosts a natural playground and sculptural play features made from materials found on-site. These type of natural ecosystem enhancements help to counter the impacts of a changing climate and provide opportunities for recreation and play.

CBA Landscape Architects