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NO MORE GINGERLY PACE - Climate Action Now

In our research we loved discovering sustainable (strong!) gingerbread construction almost as much as finding out about the Emerald Tutu project. Our design shows flood mitigation for rising sea levels - raised livable space, a bermed recreational path, a natural landscape barrier, and Emerald Tutu mats in the water. Net zero-carbon housing, built to last, includes adaptive re-use, a not-so-big or multifamily home, Passive House EnerPHit standard, solar-powered energy, and locally sourced, low carbon materials. We like our chocolate shortbread cookie trees (a favorite family recipe) seaweed cracker Tutu mats, gummy lifesaver wreaths and sugar cube columns. Mostly we like that it is modest in its message about Boston's future. "...just as we take advantage of what is, we should recognize the utility of what is not" -Lao Tse.

IMG 9532 hero update
IMG 1124 Julia Miner