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Two Sides of the Same Coin

Our creation has a summer side and a winter side of the board: opening up the main house and including smaller houses to represent the neighborhood. We've included important ways to mitigate climate change locally: solar panels on the roofs and heat pumps for the main house. We also have included adaptation measures with a sea wall at the edge of the ocean, and reinforced beach front to mitigate storm surge.

The Bloch Jones family

We have many favorite parts! We enjoyed the absurdity of the gummy bears scale compared to the house, spray-painting pretzels with black food coloring to make the solar panels, and had a really good time making the oceanside - from smashing jolly ranchers with a hammer to making sand and shore line, to how it looked after the candy melted. This was our very first creating gingerbread scenes from scratch and we had a really good time making it.