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Behind the Cans: Ann Beha Architects with Thornton Tomasetti

DSC 0662

ABA and Thornton Tomasetti's monumental Airplane sculpture.

Image courtesy BSA staff

Why did your firm decide to participate in Canstruction?

We had great past experiences, it is for a great cause and it allows our firms to feel more connected to the Boston architectural community.

How many years have you participated?

This is Ann Beha Architects’ fourth year participating in the event and our third collaborating with Thornton Tomasetti. It is a great partnership from concept to build and not limited to structural review.

How do you decide what to build?

This year’s Around the World theme was challenging. After a lengthy debate of our favorite architectural landmarks, vacation spots, and travel gear, we landed on the airplane. The plane has made experiencing unique cultures, customs, landscapes and architecture a lot easier for more people, bringing the world closer together.

How does Canstruction complement your firm’s culture?

This event allows a large portion of our office to come together as a single team and provides opportunities for our young designers to play important leadership roles. We’ve also used production time as an opportunity to test new software and presentation technology, such as virtual and augmented reality.

What’s the most surprising part about participating?

This happens every year, but seeing your own and other team’s ideas come to life on build day is wonderful.