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Behind the Cans: EYP and Gilbane


EYP and Gilbane with their monumental Hot Air Balloon sculpture. 2019's Canstruction theme was "Around the World."

Photo courtesy EYP

Why did your firm decide to participate in Canstruction?

We enjoy being able to stretch our creativity while having fun, raising money and awareness for the communities and organizations in the Greater Boston area. This year we partnered with Gilbane – our design-build partner on two recent projects with Northeastern University, and now Canstruction. We enjoyed working together so much that we wanted to partner again for a great local cause and annual event!

How many years have you participated?

EYP has participated in Canstruction for 11 years. Our first entry was in 2007!

How do you decide what to build?

EYP puts together a lunchtime charette; all of our ideas are put on the table. From that point, we take a vote to decide what the final structure will be. This year, we landed on a design that was very ambitious and presented many creative opportunities for our team to explore.

How does Canstruction complement your firm’s culture?

EYP’s culture is a dedicated and passionate creative environment that integrates the very best architects, designers and engineers on our projects. We utilize all facets of our teams across the firm – whether that’s on a new mixed-use research building or coming together to discuss the structural integrity of a tuna can hot air balloon balanced on a 12”x12” plywood base! Our fully integrated approach lets us explore and fully realize our designs from conception to build.

What’s the most surprising part about participating?

We’re always most surprised at how long it takes to build a seemingly simple structure. Our design this year was our most ambitious to date. We don’t think anyone expected it would take 10 hours and a very determined team to ensure the hot air balloon was flying high by the end of the day. Many hands make light work and we’re grateful for everyone who contributed – from our partners, sponsors, and many team members – none of this would be possible without their help and support!