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BPDA Bootcamp: Getting to know the Boston Planning & Development Agency

  • COST

    Free and open to the public

​BPDA Bootcamp will introduce emerging professionals in the design and placemaking fields to the planning, zoning, and design review processes used by the Boston Planning and Development Agency. Using the Harrison-Albany Corridor Strategic Plan as a case study, BPDA staff members will walk through how areas of the city are chosen for planning studies; how community outreach and research helps to form a vision for the built environment; how that vision is enshrined in zoning; and finally how the plan is implemented through the Article 80 review process.

Following a presentation, staff members from multiple BPDA departments—including community planning, urban design, development review, and zoning and regulatory planning—will be on hand to answer questions.

To view the Harrison-Albany Corridor Strategic Plan, click here.

Note: Due to strong interest in this program, it might be standing room only. Come early ro reserve a seat.


For those who qualify, the following are available:
2.0 LA LUs (ASLA)
2.0 AIA LUs (AIA)

CM I 1.5

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AICP members can earn 1.5 Certification Maintenance (CM) credits for this activity. More information about AICP’s CM program can be found at