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Now Practice Now: Cash—How is our work supported?

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The firm, the individual and the industry rely on a diverse set of business and support models to achieve financial stability and resilience. Who and what have been subsidizing architecture practice? Why has subsidy been necessary?


Framing the topic
Gabriela Baierle AIA
job captain, Arrowstreet

Jeffry Burchard AIA
principal, Machado Silvetti

Jenny French
principal, French 2D

Elizabeth Christoforetti
design lead, Supernormal

Chris Grimley
principal, over,under

Gregory Minott AIA
principal, DREAM Collaborative

Jeanne Nutt
managing director and principal, Gensler

David Saladik
co-founder and design director, MASS Design Group

Town hall discussion
All are invited to participate.

About the Now Practice Now Series

Equity. Inclusion. Design. Technology. Environment. Resources. Innovation.

Architecture practice now faces significant challenges. Changes in technology, production, and collaboration are altering traditional modes of working. The Now Practice Now workshops explore the means and methods of transforming practice. The series is for those who now practice.

Jay Wickersham FAIA, 2018 BSA president, and the Now Practice Now committee invite you to join us for three candid discussions. Together we'll create a framework for the Now Practice Now Summit in Fall 2018.

Have your say: @BSAAIA #NOWPRACTICE.