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Walking Tour: Chinatown

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    $15 ($12 BSA Members and Friends of BSA Space); preregistration required

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Boston’s Chinatown is one of the city’s smallest yet most vibrant neighborhoods. Join the BSA Foundation and Boston By Foot to learn about the neighborhood’s immigrant tradition, its evolution, and its current incarnation as one of the few surviving Chinatowns on the east coast. This tour goes beyond the restaurants and markets to explore backstreets and lesser known places. Along the way, the tour stops at sites that span the city’s history from Colonial times to the present, as well as some architecturally interesting buildings that might have escaped your notice. Chinatown’s location—at a geographic crossroads within Boston—has shaped its legacy and contributed to its character.

This is a program of the BSA Foundation in partnership with Boston by Foot.

Boston By Foot promotes public awareness and appreciation of Boston’s rich history and architectural heritage by offering a wide range of guided tour tours and programs.


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