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The American House: Urban Homes

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There is a long history of urban living in America. In Colonial times, row houses and stately mansions lined the streets of Philadelphia and New York; Boston developed double-deckers; Charleston invented the single house. But for decades after WWII, the suburban detached house dominated the American landscape and city living went into decline. Today that trend seems to be reversing somewhat, as millennials and aging baby boomers alike, tired of increasing commuting times and looking for more active social lives, are revitalizing our cities once again in a wide variety of urban homes.

This course will examine both the history of the American urban home design and recently built examples presented by nationally known authors and architects. Emphasis will be placed on single homes and their prototypes that are relevant to our time.

A site visit to a number of Boston examples will also be included.

Instructor: Jeremiah Eck FAIA, Eck/MacNeely Architects, Boston, MA

Guest Speakers:
David Hacin FAIA, H+A/Hacin Associates, Boston, MA
Thomas Kligerman, Ike Kligerman Barkley, New York, NY
Michael LeBlanc, Principal, Utile, Boston, MA
Kevin Murphy, Author and Professor, Vanderbilt University
Witold Rybczynski, Author and Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Scott Slarsky, Director and Chris Wortley, Shepley Bulfinch, Boston, MA

For those who qualify, 14 AIA/CES are available.

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