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Build Yourself+ Workshop

  • COST


Six-part series, each Wednesday from April 19, 2017 through May 24, 2017

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The Build Yourself+ Workshop is a highly personal training in the skills and inner confidence to succeed for women in architecture, design, and the allied professions. This workshop is for women who want to drive their own career and handle the challenges of practice with confidence and inner strength.

While women make up over half of the field at graduation, they make up only 15-18% of licensed architects and firm leadership. Women face a host of challenges to advancing and directing their careers. The Build Yourself+ Workshop translates findings from the literature on women in the workplace into actionable strategies and skills to help you advance.

Through a unique, challenge-based format, the Build Yourself+ Workshop teaches skills and frameworks for:

  • advocating for yourself;
  • identifying the value you bring;
  • communicating and negotiating with confidence; and
  • being proactive about your desires and trajectory.

The Build Yourself+ Workshop is an opportunity to invest in yourself and your professional and personal development, while building a network of supportive women doing the same.

Click here for a link to the syllabus (PDF).

For those who qualify, 12.0 LUs are available for full attendance.

What participants are saying about the Build Yourself+ Workshop

“I finally found my voice and am growing in more ways than I ever thought possible. I reached my six month goal of being promoted four months early–and ahead of the regular promotion season. I’m extremely excited about this (somewhat) new journey and still shocked that it happened so fast!” - Brittney Prest

"As a recent graduate student entering the workforce, I faced the greatest fear of all, being a novice in a large pond of unknown waters. This workshop helped me identify that inner voice constantly judging me and doubting every single move; the greatest challenge was placing this voice aside and conquering my fears, knowing that I judge myself harder than the rest of those surrounding me and allowing me the opportunity to initiate conversations with principals that intimidated me." - Natalia Escobar

“I realized I was letting opportunities just come to me instead of choosing the career path that I wanted. I was spending a lot of mental energy on the things that I don’t enjoy and don’t want to do. I can see a clearer path to what I want for myself professionally in the next five years–and am now developing my mentor network to figure out how to get there.” - Jennifer McGrory

Facilitator Bio
Mia has worked for the landscape architecture firm GroundView, and the SWA Group, as well as for Public Architecture, the public interest design firm based in San Francisco. Passionate about design as a tool of social equity, in 2012 Mia cofounded Proactive Practices, a research collaborative that identifies and publicizes emerging business models of socially entrepreneurial design, and she recently served as the Northeastern University Architecture Department’s first fellow, investigating emerging models of innovative design practice.

Mia is trained in facilitation around issues of gender and in cross-cultural contexts, and has spoken extensively and run workshops across the country including at the Association of Community Designers, and A Better World by Design, as well as the University of Pennsylvania and UT Austin. Mia received her master’s degree in landscape architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and her bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies from Brown University. Her writings on issues of equity in design have been published in the Christian Science Monitor and GOOD.

Mia Scharphie and the Boston Society of Architects/AIA (BSA) are committed to making the Build Yourself+ Workshop affordable for any woman who is committed to making this investment in herself. To that end, limited subsidization is provided for women who are in tough financial situations and would need it to take the workshop. Anyone requesting a scholarship must send a request in writing explaining why the assistance is needed and what price you can afford. Please request the minimum scholarship that will allow you to attend, so that others who are in need can be accommodated.