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Boston’s Market District and Haymarket

  • COST

    Free and open to the public

In association with Haymarket, The Soul of the City on view at BSA Space this fall, this engaging presentation looks at how Boston’s Market District evolved from a small central location for peddlers at Town Dock to today’s busy market of halal butchers, artisanal cheese mongers, and Cambodian fruit sellers. Over the years, Haymarket has survived the rise of the adjacent Central Artery in the 1950s, and the completion of the Big Dig in 2007. Join Kenneth C. Turino, manager of community engagement and exhibitions at Historic New England, and Otto Gallotto, president of the Haymarket Pushcart Association, as they explore how the changing city has not stopped the market from serving a constant stream of students and tourists, longtime residents and newly arrived immigrant families.

This is a program of the BSA Foundation in association with Historic New England.