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Film screening, The Land: An adventure play documentary

  • COST

    Free and open to the public

Featured in Extraordinary Playscapes, the summer exhibition at BSA Space, The Plas Madoc Adventure Playground in Northern Wales is one of the world’s newest adventure playgrounds. Fondly known as "The Land," it employs some of the play movement’s oldest "junk" philosophies. Adventure playgrounds take many forms, from chaotic junkyards to whimsical shanty towns, and have been lauded for fostering a necessary and positive relationship between risk and play. Often allowing kids to play with fire, hammers, and nails, adventure playgrounds have been described as, "a complete artwork--a space and time where all one's senses are engaged."

This new documentary explores a place where old tires and dumpster detritus take the place of swing sets and slides, and is “a must-see for anyone interested in play work, or play, period.” (Amy Fusselman, "Savage Park”)

“In half an hour this film will change everything you think you believe ... In scene after natural scene the truth becomes obvious: With a little bit of creativity, empathy and guidance, children can be freed to experience a much more fun, adventurous and fulfilling childhood.” — Hanna Rosin, The Atlantic

This is a program of the BSA Foundation in partnership with Design Museum Boston.