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NCI Charrettes + Design Thinking

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The key to solving complex problems is collaboration. This program merges the NCI Charrette System with Design Thinking to offer an advanced collaborative innovation process. You will learn to activate the unique creative potential of all stakeholders as they engage in creating a transformative plan. Whether you are working on a community design, public policy, or a company’s strategic plan, this course will equip you with a flexible, yet replicable, systematic project management process. The charrette harnesses the energies of all parties by immersing them into the design thinking process. Communities and organizations become transformed in the way they work together to solve complex—and often contentious—problems.


Bill Lennertz, National Charrette Institute, Portland, Oregon

David Brain, New College of Florida, Sarasota, Florida

Stacie Nicole Smith, Consensus Building Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts

21 CEUs

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