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Artist Reception: The Other Working Landscape

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    Free and open to the public

Don't miss this reception with the artist for The Other Working Landscape. This special event is an inside opportunity to view the exhibition while speaking with artist Tom Leytham.

In rural New England, farms and forests are often considered the “working” landscape. Since 2004, artist Tom Leytham has explored the remnants of the “other” working landscape: our 19th- and 20-century industrial past. Through a series of watercolors, Leytham documents this industrialized landscape of ruined and repurposed buildings and structures in Vermont and the surrounding region as a means of appreciating the resourcefulness of their design and construction.

This exhibition is located in BSA Space's Harbor Room.

​To RSVP please email [email protected] with subject line "Landscapes 5/26," or click "Register" above.

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