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*SOLD OUT* Experience Design: A New Mindset

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People don’t buy products, services, or physical spaces—they want integrated and meaningful experiences that captivate and engage. Traditional roles of designers are rapidly shifting due to these heightened expectations. As architects and designers, this requires an ability to think beyond classical disciplines and truly embrace the totality of people’s interaction. But to fully realize and sustain this shift, we need to fully embrace Experience Design as a mindset.

Experience Design is a contemporary approach to innovation and design that places emphasis on the quality of the total experience. Traditional design practices have primarily focused on the utility of one particular touchpoint, with the holistic experience becoming a secondary consideration. By placing people at the center of the challenge, and seeing the world from their perspective, Experience Design accentuates the continuity of an experience that can delight and create a lasting impression.

Tom Burchard, vice president, Experience Design Altitude, Inc.

Come join the conversation as we discuss ways to envision and design experiences through a deeper understanding of people’s needs, the context of their challenges, and opportunities to create more meaningful solutions.

About Tom Burchard
Leading the Experience Design Practice at Altitude Inc, Tom is intensely focused on understanding and designing the complex encounters that constitute the relationships between people and brands. Tom believes that by acknowledging peoples’ total needs, we can create opportunities to influence purchase decisions and engender a sense of loyalty. Previously Tom held the position of Chief Experience Officer at Continuum, a global design and innovation consultancy. Recently he was asked by Tufts University to develop an Experience Design module for the Gordon Institute.

This event is co-organized with AIGA Boston.