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Design Viz: Mapping as a Design Method

Jan 2020 Design Viz Mapping 012220

Image: Sasaki

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We may not realize it, but mapping is a huge part of our lives. As a driver, we can use GPS and traffic data to optimize a commute. As an architect, we can layout an elaborate building floor plan, or as an urban planner, we can shape the economic future of an entire city by strategically targeting development. The ability to visualize intricate networks and overlay patterns can help drive decision making and develop consensus among discordant stakeholders.

This month we are focusing on the importance of mapping as a design visualization method and adding an extra twist on the theme with “projection mapping” - a hybrid technique of projecting images onto real-life 3D surfaces to augment reality. Jonathan Greer, Associate at Sasaki, will be presenting some innovative mapping techniques used on their Virginia Tech project. Peter Atwood, Core Faculty, and Interim Director of Digital Media at the Boston Architecture College will briefly present how mapping was used in a city-wide energy reduction effort. Ken Goulding, Principal, and Director of the internal Sasaki Strategies group will be showing us additional examples of design mapping on other projects.

Projection mapping is a timely discussion due to the recent partnership formed with MakeTank to help bring the CityPrint project to life. To learn more, check out MakeTank's Knowledge Community Page.