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Providing the Building Community with As Built Building Documentation; 3D Building Information Models, 3D Laser Scanning.

Celebrating 20 years of service in Boston!

Celebrating 20 years of service in Boston!

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Revit: Optimize Your Design Process through Energy Analysis Using Autodesk Insight

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    Free and open to the public.

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    Professional Development



Your Revit model offers a lot more than ‘just’ the documentation of design decisions. For example, you can easily leverage it to create data that helps you understand how your design will use energy, as well as a range of potential options that can be incorporated in your design prior to construction.

We will explore how Energy Optimization for Revit through Autodesk Insight can help you make informed design decisions, as well as provide data to help meet the Architecture 2030 goals. The discussion will include:
• Introduction to Autodesk Insight Energy Analysis (Optimization)
• How to use the tools in Revit and Insight in your workflow
• Interacting with Insight 360 via the web interface
• How to utilize these tools in meeting Architecture 2030

To learn more about the Revit Users Group, visit

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