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*POSTPONED* Sustainable Design in Clay Masonry

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    2 LU/HSW AIA credits are available

Many building professionals are attempting to take a more environmentally friendly approach to the design and construction of their buildings. Clay brick is an extremely green building product. We will discuss the processes manufacturers employ to keep clay brick as green as possible. Clay brick can also be a material that helps you attain LEED credits. In this talk, we will see what areas of your building you can expect to see a benefit from clay brick.

Specific topics included in this presentation are:

We will look at how brick manufacturers handle the raw materials used to make brick. We will also investigate the use of recycled materials and the reclamation efforts of the quarries we use.

Thermal Performance
How can a brick veneer wall with an air space contribute to a reduced heating and cooling load? What effect does thermal mass have?

How can the use of clay brick pavers provide you with LEED credits?

Jobsite Handling and Storage
A knowledgeable contractor can be of immense help with regard to waste, recycling, regional materials, low VOC materials, etc. We will examine the areas where a skilled masonry contractor can add expertise to a certified building.

Featured Speaker:
Leroy Danforth
, Glen-Gery

Leroy Danforth is a southern boy who long ago left the family homestead for epic traffic, astronomical Washington DC living costs, and the promise of fame as part of the Brick Industry Association’s engineering staff. After many years learning to overcome the social handicaps of having two engineering degrees, Leroy now uses his powers to inform the building community of best practices for masonry design and construction. Leroy joined Glen-Gery in 2016 as Design Services Manager and is responsible for administration of their AIA CES program, as well as internal training and technical assistance. Most importantly, Leroy is a proud full-time husband and father of two.

Leroy Danforth is Glen-Gery’s Design Services Manager and is responsible for technical assistance and administration of their AIA CES program as well as internal training. Leroy is a licensed professional engineer who spent seventeen years as part of the Brick Industry Association’s engineering staff involved in providing design guidance for the building community, code and standard development and industry research.

This discussion is part of BSA Space's exhibition Durable: Sustainable Material Ecologies, Assemblies, and Cultures. Durable uses four traditional architectural materials—concrete, steel, masonry, and timber—to illustrate the potential consequences of material choices made in the construction of buildings. The exhibition explores how durability may be the ultimate measure of sustainability in the built environment.

This event is in partnership with the lead sponsor for Durable, Spaulding Brick Company, Inc. This program and content is provided by Glen-Gery.

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Special thanks to the AIA College of Fellows for supporting the research presented in this exhibition through the 2017 Latrobe Prize.