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SketchUp Bootcamp: Let's SketchUp!

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Image: Michael Born

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    Free and open to the public.

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    2 LU AIA credits available

Ready to dive in to SketchUp? Come visit us virtually during an online session of the next BSA SketchUp Bootcamp and learn from an expert! All user levels are welcome, from new users to pros; best practices for SketchUp drawing are emphasized each session, whether you're starting your first SketchUp model or expanding your SketchUp proficiency.

This month I’ll walk you through my method of quickly building exterior walls and applying Materials, you’ll learn how to use Styles to add an image of sky and clouds behind your model, and I’ll introduce our new feature - the LayOut Tip of the Month!

Want a fast way to build exterior walls? I’ll show you how to combine the Rectangle and Offset tools to get your model up and running in no time. Then I’ll simplify the process for adding color and texture using the Paint Bucket tool.

Are you tired of the same old sky? We’ll add instant interest to your model by inserting a custom sky background image within the Style palette.

And, to introduce the LayOut Tip of the Month, I’ll show you how to create your own title block and set up plan and elevation views to print to scale.

As always, bring your questions and I’ll help you streamline your process so you can master SketchUp.

Feel free to bring your fully-charged laptop (and mouse) with SketchUp version 2017 (or later) installed, or just come to watch.

Click here to download the free, standalone version of SketchUp Make 2017: