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Design Viz: PRESS PLAY. Learning from the COVID Pause

August 2020 Design Viz
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    Free and open to the public.

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    Knowledge Community



To say that this current pandemic has effected so much is certainly an understatement. While the health impact is tragic and economic slowdown in the design and construction industry is something we all must deal with in the coming months or longer, there is a silver lining we are experiencing with remote working. Like many things, our Design Viz group too had paused during this crisis. We're excited to announce that we are back, ready to dig into what we are each learning in this unique time related to the focus of this group: Visual Communication. In some ways, this is a clarion call for creatives like us to reinvent the design process itself as much as it is a time for software developers to build a better video conferencing interface or schools to reshape their online learning experience.

Through a couple of short presentations and roundtable discussion, we will no doubt have some key takeaways that will make us all more productive immediately, but we also hope to tackle the bigger question of how we will collaborate and work together in a post-pandemic hybrid future of remote and in-person project teams. Please join us to discuss what is lost and what is found in a virtual workplace, how we will continue to reinvent how we work with our clients, and how we can use our ingenuity, digital design tools, and visualization strategies to the fullest.