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SketchUp Bootcamp: Back to SketchUp!

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Image: Michael Born

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    Free and open to the public.

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    2 LU AIA credits available

Isn’t it time you learned SketchUp? Here’s your chance! Come visit us (virtually!) during an online session of the next free BSA SketchUp Bootcamp and learn from an expert. All user levels are welcome, from new users to pros; best practices for SketchUp drawing are emphasized each session, whether you're starting your first SketchUp model or expanding your SketchUp proficiency.

Wish you could print to scale? I’ll show you how in the LayOut Tip of the Month! Plus I’ll show you my method for using the simple Rectangle and Push/Pull tools to start just about everything, how to create more complex objects with SketchUp’s Solid Tools, and teach you to use Stickiness to your advantage!

Whether you’re building a chair, house, or skyscraper, they can all be started with the Rectangle and Push/Pull tools, and I’ll show you how I use just these 2 fun and easy tools to begin building almost anything. I’ll describe how SketchUp’s “Stickiness” works, how it can be good (and sometimes very bad!), and how to control it so you can work with SketchUp more effectively and efficiently.

We’ll dig deep into SketchUp’s Solid Tools, which can be used to perform "boolean" operations to create complex geometry by adding or subtracting overlapping solid forms from each other. Also, I’ll show you my favorite tool for easily creating complex forms, Intersect Faces (what I call the “cookie cutter”).

As always, bring your questions and I’ll help you streamline your process so you can master SketchUp!

Feel free to bring your fully-charged laptop (and mouse) with SketchUp version 2017 (or later) installed, or just come to watch.

Click here to download the free, standalone version of SketchUp Make 2017: