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VIP Exhibition Tour: In the Public Interest


Header image courtesy Garrett Nelli AIA

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    Free and open to the public

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    Design Enthusiasts

Get an in-depth look at the current exhibition, In the Public Interest: Redefining the Architect's Role and Responsibility, through this 45 minute exhibition tour with the curator Garrett Nelli AIA. After the tour, please ask questions, continue to explore the exhibition, and enjoy the opening reception!

Public interest design is re-positioning the architectural profession to address the social, political, and environmental issues of the 21st century through community-engaged design. This shift in practice advances the notion that architecture is not only a built product, but a collective process that instills the tools, awareness, and imagination for individuals to improve their lives.

In the Public Interest: Redefining the Architect’s Role and Responsibility exhibition will showcase six innovative architectural practices reimagining the architect’s contribution toward the public good. The selected projects will offer unique perspectives on the value of a community-engaged design process and the expanding nature of practice while presenting new methods for the profession to design with Boston’s communities.

Expressed primarily as photo journalism, the exhibition is based on the 2017 winning proposal of AIA Seattle's Emerging Professionals Travel Scholarship, "Public Interest: Redefining the Architect's Role in and Responsibility to Society" by Garrett Nelli AIA. In 2017, Garrett traveled to Los Angeles, New Orleans, Alabama, Haiti, Spain, and Italy to catalog how design can be a catalyst for positive societal change.

In the Public Interest: Redefining the Architect’s Role and Responsibility is on view February 21, 2019 to April 21, 2019.