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Design Viz: Design collaboration in virtual distributed offices?

Octo 2020 Design Viz

Image: Arkio

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    Free and open to the public.

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    1.5 LU AIA credits available

What a concept, right? Who would have thought a year ago that most office-based workers, students, and educators would be living in this current ZOOMacracy? Our last two Design Viz monthly meetings have been focused on discoveries made during this pandemic regarding remote design collaboration. We have explored (and used first-hand) web-based multi-person collaborative whiteboards and sketchbooks. We have discussed the increased use and effectiveness of shared information and communication platforms like Slack, Trello, and Teams. All of this of course while using Zoom to link our dining rooms and ad-hoc basement offices together in a virtual shared space.

Now we are about to go NEXT LEVEL and imagine this trend in a not so distant future. Lets design and model together in 3D. Next level? Ok, lets do this in human scale in a Virtual Reality environment. Join us this month as we introduce Arkio, an Iceland-based company which has developed a robust, multi-user VR environment that makes this dream a reality today.

We will be demonstrating this design process live with the founders themselves and inviting participants in the Boston area (maybe you) who have access to a VR headset. If you do not have a headset currently, you still have the ability to participate, sketch, and model in the same shared VR space using an iPad or even using a mouse and keyboard from your desktop computer. You will see that this platform also provides interoperability with Revit and other 3D modeling / visualization software. Our plans are to continue our exploration of this tool by creating a cohort within our Design Viz group to continue testing this environment and considering the possibilities of how this might alter our distributed design process and enhance client interaction within our current quarantined world and thereafter. If you are interested in watching, just RSVP and show up. If you would like to participate using your own headset, reply to this survey.