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Future Decker Exhibition Opening and Tour

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Join the opening reception and celebration of the virtual exhibition Future-Decker.

The evening will include opening remarks and a tour of the virtual exhibition with curator and BSA/iLab Housing Innovation Design Fellow, Wandy Pascoal. The tour will be followed by a roundtable discussion with housing innovation participants, including Wentworth students who designed future-deckers in their architecture studio, as well as community participants as they reflect on the creation of Future-Decker.

Future Decker will be part of an ongoing exploration and documentation of the ways in which triple deckers have shaped the City of Boston, while inviting residents to envision the future of this iconic New England vernacular building typology.

For generations triple deckers have formed a thread between our streets, neighborhoods, and cities but also a thread between our individual stories, where moments of joy, sadness, and excitement, have in some way helped shape who we are today and where we hope to be.

The exhibition is curated by Pat Falco, Boston Artist-in-Residence, and Wandy Pascoal, Housing Innovation Design Fellow with both the Boston Society for Architecture and the Boston’s Mayor’s Housing Innovation Lab. Exhibition partners include Wentworth Institute of Technology students and Local Voices Network.

John Ellis AIA
Professor at Wentworth Institute of Technology

Matt Nguyen
Student at Wentworth Institute of Technology

Lauren Farnan
Student at Wentworth Institute of Technology

Ms. Donna Woodley
Resident of the Mattapan neighborhood

Wandy Pascoal
Housing Innovation Design Fellow, BSA and iLab

Future Decker Conversation Series

Join the Boston Society for Architecture for a virtual conversation series as a part of the upcoming exhibition, Future Decker. The series will feature discussions with residents, architects, designers, and other practitioners as they share and learn from one other about the past, present, and future of the iconic building type: the three decker.

Speakers and participants will build upon the architectural, economic, and ultimately social value of triple and future deckers in the City of Boston and the region.