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*POSTPONED*Anti-racist Design: Reimagining the Future of Multi-family Housing

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*This event has been postponed. The event was originally scheduled for November 18, 2020 and will be postponed to early January 2021.*

What does it mean to be anti-racist and more specifically, what does it mean to practice anti-racist design? To better understand today’s barriers to creating affordable and equitable multi-family housing, we must first examine the legacies of racism that are deeply entrenched in decades and centuries old housing processes.

Anti-racist Design: Reimagining the Future of Multi-Family Housing marks the second conversation in the Future-Decker Conversation Series, where educators, designers, residents, and advocates will discuss the role design can play in resisting or even perpetuating racism in the field of housing, by first taking a look at the infamous New England building type, the triple-decker.

The triple-decker and its history provide us with the chance to further discuss the ripple effects and consequences of decades-long racist housing policies to then collaboratively reimagine the future of multi-family housing.

Come prepared to share your stories, ask questions, and participate in what will be a engaging conversation about anti-racist design.

Joy Gary

Housing & Development Co-Chair at Greater Mattapan Neighborhood Council (GMNC)

Stephen Fan

Designer and Researcher

Wandy Pascoal
Housing Innovation Design Fellow, BSA and iLab

Future-Decker Conversation Series

Join the Boston Society for Architecture for a virtual conversation series as a part of the upcoming exhibition, Future-Decker. The series will feature discussions with residents, architects, designers, and other practitioners as they share and learn from one other about the past, present, and future of the iconic building type: the three decker.

Speakers and participants will build upon the architectural, economic, and ultimately social value of triple and future deckers in the City of Boston and the region.