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BSA/SCUP: The 2030 Campus—How the Current Disruption Will Affect the Future

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    Free and open to the public.

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    1 LU/HSW AIA credit available

COVID has thrown us into a survival mode, but our early reactions and future adaptations may stretch us beyond what was possible in the past. We will be using our campuses, buildings, and technologies differently as we move forward. As designers and stewards of the institution, it's essential for us to understand how this impacts professors, administrators, and students and how it may change the attitude of those interested in pursuing Higher Education...along with the price tag. Our goal now is knowing how we can create a better learning environment and experience for all students (virtual or in-person) going forward. We will talk about how that becomes possible through the lens of technology, experience design, and futurism/market forces. Join our discussion with this panel of industry and academic experts as they explore how Higher Education institutions will transform post-COVID.


Gary David, PhD, CCS, Bentley University
Professor of Sociology, Information Design and Corporate Communication

Duanduan Hsieh, Pitzer College
Admission Counselor and member of the Claremont Consortium, assisting in strategic student recruitment

Parke Rhoads, Vantage Technology Consulting Group
Technology Design Expert and Higher Education Specialist

Kim Sousa, iMAKE YOUR MARKeting (moderator)
Business Development and Marketing Leader focusing on Higher Education markets
BSA/SCUP committee member