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SketchUp Bootcamp

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Image: Michael Born

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Blooming SketchUp!

Wish you knew SketchUp? Here’s you chance! Learn from an expert at the next BSA SketchUp Bootcamp. All user levels are welcome, from new users to pros; best practices for SketchUp drawing are emphasized each session, whether you're starting your first SketchUp model or expanding your SketchUp proficiency.

Did you know you can copy objects with the Push/Pull, Move, and Rotate tools? Learn how to use Push/Pull+Copy to make easy work of massing models. Quickly place chairs around a table and then fill that banquet hall by making Arrays with Move+Copy and Rotate+Copy.

Plus, you’ll learn to love Components, from using Mirrored Components to develop your model in half the time, to importing and edit furniture, fixtures, and even whole buildings from the 3D Warehouse - and I’ll show you how to upload your SketchUp models to Google Earth to view them in context.

As always, bring your questions and I’ll help you streamline your process and become more proficient with SketchUp.

Feel free to bring your fully-charged laptop (and mouse) with SketchUp version 2017 (or later) installed, or just come to watch.

Click here to download the free, standalone version of SketchUp Make 2017.

2 LU AIA credits are available.

To learn more about SketchUp Bootcamp, visit