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INFRA\TECTURE: Infra-Space—The Underground at Ink Block

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The highways that sliced through Boston in the 1950s-70s left deep scars on the urban landscape, dividing neighborhoods and leaving behind a legacy of residual spaces. These remnant parcels have acted as physical and psychological barriers, stifling the mobility of residents as they provide access for suburban commuters.

The Infra-Space program is a statewide initiative with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to re-evaluate spaces under viaducts for better urban and ecological performance. Infra-Space 1 is the pilot project, spanning nearly a half-mile in length through the middle of downtown Boston.

The project includes a storm water management landscape that diverts the runoff from the viaduct, improved maintenance access, public recreation, and a series of scaffold structures that support operable lighting and art installations.

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2 LU/HSW AIA credits are available.

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