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Presenting with Confidence: How Great Leaders Craft and Design Persuasive Presentations That Sell Products, Inspire Teams, and Build Brands

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    7 LU AIA credits available

This is a sponsored event by the Harvard Graduate School of Design Executive Education.

Ideas are the currency of the 21st century. The ability to communicate your ideas persuasively is the single greatest skill you can learn to succeed in a globally competitive world. Through stories, videos and case examples, this program offers an actionable, step-by-step method anyone can adopt to create and deliver inspiring in person or virtual presentations that are engaging, persuasive and memorable. Key topics include: applying storytelling methods, creating presentation headlines, utilizing the rule of three, building multisensory experiences, making statistics instantly memorable, delivering authentic presentations with confidence, creating a message map around your story; learning practice methods for seamless delivery in person or virtually. This online course includes a scheduled private one-on-one consultation via phone or remote video with the instructors following the program dates.

This transformative program will set you apart from your peers and competitors, in a wide variety of professions. If you’re a designer or architect, this program will help you present to clients. If you’re a city planner, you’ll keep on message with poise at your next town hall meeting. If you’re a real estate developer, you’ll be able to pitch deals better. If you’re an entrepreneur, this program will improve your skills at courting investors and customers. If you’re a civic leader, you’ll be able to present more persuasively to constituents. The ability to craft and deliver world-class presentations is useful in every line of work, and this skill is becoming ever-more essential. Within the next few years, you will not thrive as a leader if you are not an excellent presenter, in person or to a virtual audience.

According to IDC, “oral and written communication” is, by far, the number one skill employers look for in “high-opportunity occupations.” Yet, very few of the 350 PowerPoint presentations that are given every second around the world are clear, compelling and inspiring. Public speaking through presentations will raise your value in the workplace by 50 percent, according to Warren Buffett. In this course, you build this valuable skill with case examples from men and women who lead today’s most influential companies such as Google, Microsoft, Virgin, Nike, Berkshire Hathaway, Apple, and many others. You will learn the specific tactics mastered by famous entrepreneurs, leaders and TED speakers who deliver presentations that capture the world’s attention.

Through stories, case examples, videos, and practical exercises, backed by the latest neuroscience research on storytelling, communication and persuasion, this online program will teach you specific techniques that you can use immediately to dramatically improve your next pitch, presentation, or mission-critical communication for in person or virtual audiences. You will learn the art and science of storytelling to build your brand, promote a shared vision, engage teams, inspire customers, and grow your career, startup or company.

Who Should Attend

Any professional who needs to present or pitch ideas to obtain funding, support, or other calls to action, including entrepreneurs, real estate developers, engineers, scientists, architects, designers, educators, managers, business owners, students, marketing and communication professionals, non-profit leaders, civic leaders, etc.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the unbreakable laws of communication that will make your next in person or virtual presentation engaging, attractive, and actionable.
  • Develop a signature story that’s core to your brand identity.
  • Identify the most effective types of stories to connect with your audience.
  • Learn body language and vocal delivery techniques that will help you present authentically and confidently in front of any type of audience.
  • Build a message map to pitch your idea in as little as 15 seconds (elevator pitch), or create the outline for a longer, well-crafted presentation.
  • Explore methods for how to make data instantly memorable.
  • Benefit from a private consultation based on the skills presented in this online program.


Carmine Gallo
Bestselling author and communication advisor for the world’s most admired brands
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Vanessa Gallo
Executive Communication Coach, Gallo Communications Group
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