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Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) Boston: Home Sweet Home — Embodied Carbon in the Residential Sector

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    1 LU/HSW AIA credit available

When we think about embodied carbon emissions, we tend to envision our largest buildings and campuses that include millions of square feet. These are all worthy targets; however, one could argue that small scale residential is an equally high priority. In North America roughly 1/3 of annual construction dollars are spent on single family housing. Moreover, the single-family market is highly competitive and has a track record of rapidly scaling innovations—meaning that practitioners who work at this scale are ideally positioned to have an immediate impact, and to lead the industry towards broader adoption of carbon smart practices. The most innovative practitioners are building and renovating with biogenic materials that have the potential to store carbon. This session is for all who intersect in the residential realm: architects, single family home builders to those renovating or building up to five dwelling units, innovative lenders, and municipalities who are considering ways to tackle embodied carbon via project permitting to achieve goals within their climate action plans.