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Future-Decker RFI Sketch Night!

RFI Sketch Night Square Image
  • COST

    Free and Open to the Public

  • TYPE

    Professional Development



If you have an idea for the Future Decker RFI but can’t quite create the visual for it, we can help! On July 19 the BSA and iLab bring you Sketch Night! Bring your thoughts, site information, and any examples of what you’d like to see and we will match you with someone who can bring it to life on paper! We will be working with Boston artists, architects, and designers to create images for your RFI idea. This is a drop-in event where you will get one-on-one time to talk through your proposal while the other person sketches it out in real time. While they sketch away, join us for a hands-on interactive activity where we'll "build" future-deckers using duplos (aka legos)!

This will be a casual evening designed to bring out the joy in the process.

The Boston Society for Architecture (BSA) and the Housing Innovation Lab (Housing iLab) released a Request for Ideas (RFI) where individuals and teams are invited to imagine new housing models that can be built on small sites. The RFI marks the first phase of this year's Housing Innovation Competition.

The iLab and the BSA are working together to explore new ideas and approaches in addressing our city’s housing needs. Learn more about our joint housing innovation work HERE.