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SketchUp Bootcamp: Blooming SketchUp!

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Image: Michael Born

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    Free for BSA members, $10 General admission. Learn more about membership options here.

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    2 LU AIA credits available

Looking for an easy way to get better at SketchUp? Come visit us (virtually!) during an online session of the next BSA SketchUp Bootcamp and learn from an expert. All user levels are welcome, from new users to pros!

What’s the difference between Groups and Components? I’ll show you some examples to clear it up so you’ll know which one to use, and when.

Wish you could place evenly spaced objects quickly? I’ll teach you my techniques using the Divide tool and making Arrays with the Move tool. Plus you’ll learn how to use Extensions (Plug-ins) to place objects evenly along a path, or bring that orchard of trees down to meet the landscape.

As always I’ll show you how to start with SketchUp’s basic toolset and work your way up to more complex geometry. Bring your questions and I’ll help you streamline your process so you can master SketchUp!