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Marketing / PR Network: The Lifecycle of an Idea

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Where do “ideas” come from? How do they germinate, blossom, and propagate—and how can we cultivate them within our firms? In this month’s meeting, Joanna Chow* (Director of Communications at Sasaki) and Jennifer Hegarty (Director of Marketing at Payette) will join us in conversation, sharing how their firms surface great ideas, develop them into “thought leadership” (and what that even means), and grow a strong culture of curiosity. We’ll discuss tactics and tools that help in this work, and we look forward to hearing from Network members about what’s worked (or not) for them.

*Joanna Chow will not be able to participate; however, Doug Larence, Joanna's colleague at Sasaki will take her place alongside Jennifer Hegarty for this conversation.

(Note: this meeting will take place on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month; we will resume meeting on the 4th Wednesday of each month beginning in October.)