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Project Management Roundtable: What is a Project Manager?

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In this session of the PM Roundtable, we will explore the roles and responsibilities of a Project Manager while reviewing some of the topics from the 2013 AIA Emerging Professionals Companion on General Project Management:
“Most building design and construction projects involve multiple firms and many people. In these endeavors some people do the work and others direct the work. The latter role—that of project manager—can be a principal of the firm, director, designer, project architect, or job captain. Regardless of who takes on this role, however, the responsibilities of the project manager must be directed toward accomplishing the goals and objectives of the project. The design and construction industry is a project- based world. As such, project management is a key component for any architect or architecture firm.
Project management involves assigning, overseeing, directing, coordinating and monitoring the work of members of the project design team. It also involves managing employee, client, consultant, and contractor relationships. Although exact duties may vary all of these tasks depend on effective communication.”
Emerging Professionals Companion – General Project Management