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2022 ARE Success Team Kickoff

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

  • COST

    members/nonmembers: free/$30

    $90 refundable lending library deposit for all library users

  • TYPE

    Professional Development



Since 2005, BSA ARE Success Teams have been bringing together unlicensed designers to study and successfully complete the Architect Registration Examination (ARE).

Success Teams offer the opportunity to learn from and share with your peers and future colleagues. Formed at kickoffs, teams are largely self-structured. Teams coordinate meeting times and locations to study together, share resources and tips, and keep each other on track. Each member pledges to meet with and support their team members through the completion of their exam series. Many Success Teams “alums” testify that their group was invaluable to their licensure process, and often remain close for years after.

Following an NCARB presentation, study teams will be formed during this meeting and subsequent study teams are free to meet up at their convenience. A library of Brightwood (formerly Kaplan) 5.0 materials is available at the BSA/AIA offices for team members to borrow.

Join the ARE Advisory Committee
Have you found ARE Success Teams to be invaluable as you study? Do you have suggestions for improvement? Join the advisory committee to ensure Success Teams are meeting your and other designers' needs. Or simply send a few comments on what could be better. Join the committee or send feedback by contacting [email protected].