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Codes Committee: Updates and Overview of Fire-Resistance Designs

Updates and Overview of Fire-Resistance Designs

8:00 AM to 8:30 AM

Advocacy News
Featured Speaker: John Nunnari, Executive Director of AIA Massachusetts

8:30 AM to 10:00 AM
Presentation: Updates and Overview of Fire-Resistance Designs
Guest Speaker: Brian Kuhn, P.E. of Code Red Consultants

Did you know that the UL Fire Resistance Directory has a new online interface? Brian Kuhn, P.E. of Code Red Consultants will present on the new UL Product iQ database which incorporates new search, save, tag, and organizational features. The presentation will include a refresh on passive fire-resistance requirements of the building code, fire test standards, and why fire-resistance designs and listings are important to a design project.

Other listing directories such as Intertek will also be reviewed.

2 LU/HSW AIA credits are available.

As a complement to the presentation our speaker will provide a PDF to all attendees who request it.

This meeting may also be attended via video-conferencing – but CEs are through self-reporting. To join remotely, go to
, run Zoom Launcher, and use Meeting ID: 473-355-5948.

To learn more about the Codes Committee, visit

The co-chairs of the BSA Codes Committee are:

Tarica Leskiw AIA, CBT Architects, [email protected]
Andrew Kollar AIA, Fused Studios [email protected]
Drake Jacobs AIA, Group One Partners [email protected]


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