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Placemaking: Ideas for Placemaking Collaborative

How to Prepare for Group Discussion

Image: Team Leverage Edu

  • COST

    Free and open to the public.

  • TYPE

    Knowledge Community



The BSA Placemaking Network is seeking inspired members for our new collaborative to be leaders in the design community. We hope this group will engage with municipalities, community groups and developers, to address overlapping issues of placemaking, including sustainability, equity, open space, and civic memory. Come to our first meeting to discuss ideas for placemaking, future events, and possible projects. Reach out to David and Emeline for more information on joining the Placemaking Collaborative.

We are excited to continue with ongoing engagement around case studies and participation in placemaking activities in the city. In our kickoff meeting last month, we heard about some interesting recent work on placemaking initiatives, including ideas for enhancing community engagement in the creation of temporary and permanent spaces. With our Knowledge Group Collaborative, we are looking forward to planning next steps for events.