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Design for Aging: The Student Series Part 1—Aging Together

DFA MAY 2022

The Design for Aging Committee is inviting Architecture and Planning programs to share their research and findings on Aging Communities. The Student Series Part 1: Aging Together will feature two studies by students of Ryerson University’s School of Urban and Regional Planning.

Societies worldwide are aging at a rapid pace due to increasing in life expectancies. The "longevity revolution" experienced by many cities like Toronto raises concerns about the future need for inclusive and adequate housing, services, and amenities. These tendencies make it evident that cities are not prepared for aging-friendly architecture and urban design. Before long, we will have to rethink our urban morphologies and housing typologies to accommodate aging-in-place. While many older adults will have the ability to age-in-place and maintain a good quality of life, many others will experience the difficulty of retaining independence, and in turn negatively impacting their physical and mental health. These negative impacts will vary depending on race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and income levels, making some older adults more vulnerable to systemic discrimination than others.

Understanding the spatial manifestation of aging-in-place and age-inclusivity in architectural and urban contexts is fundamental to creating future intergenerational cities. As such, this session titled "Aging-Together" will explore through two students’ projects different ways to provide inclusive housing for older adults.