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Infra\tecture: Moving Massachusetts— Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) in MA Session 2 "Framework" (Hybrid)

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The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will provide over $550 billion dollars for infrastructure investments. This will be spent across 10 priorities, over 5 fiscal years, and across 50 states. What does this mean for infrastructure in the Commonwealth? How much funding can the state expect? How will the funds be allocated? Who will receive the funding and how will it be distributed? This first session will create a foundation for the subsequent discussions with a specific and concrete understanding of what the funding means for Massachusetts and the types of infrastructure investments that can occur. The session will provide both an overview of all priorities in the law and begin to focus on transportation infrastructure, which will be the focus of subsequent sessions.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA), and Central Transportation Planning Services (CTPS) are responsible for managing state transportation assets and planning for the funding increases available through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The MassDOT 2022 Capital Investment Plan and Focus 40: 2040 Investment Plan for the MBTA set the direction for investments over the next five years. These state agencies will provide insights into what may or may not be possible with the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funding. Building on the first session, this session will focus on the framework and priorities of the state agencies focused on the Commonwealth’s transportation infrastructure.

Jillian Linnell
, MBTA, Senior Director, Capital Program Planning
Hayes Morrison
, MassDOT, Chief, Mobility
Michelle Scott
, CTPS/Boston Region MPO, Long-Range Transportation Planning Co-Manager