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Submission Deadline: Interior Architecture and Spatial Design Awards

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Description: Working from the inside out, spatial design considers how spaces feel, how they are organized, and how they enrich the lives of those who experience them. By understanding the user experience, impactful building interiors contribute to our health and well being as well as our communities. They offer healing, reflection, and a place for commerce, while also exploring reuse and carbon neutral design.

Eligibility: Projects submitted for this award may be interior architecture or spatial design work of any type or scale that accounts for the functionality, safety, and deep understanding of places, people, stories, and activities.

Project submissions criteria include a robust approach to sustainability and equity, as well as addressing environmental, social, and economic factors. Projects that contain attributes which successfully reduced the carbon footprint of the architecture, construction, or usage, should make every attempt to highlight those aspects within their entry submission.

Deadline: Friday, September 9, 2022 | 11:59 pm

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