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*POSTPONED* Advanced Enclosure Detailing Workshop

Advanced Enclosure Detailing Workshop

Brad Prestbo, Sasaki

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    $275 ($225 early bird until 3/18)

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    4 LU/HSW AIA credits are available


The Advanced Enclosure Detailing Workshop will offer attendees a hands-on experience in developing high-performing exterior enclosure details. This interactive workshop is perfect for all experience levels, from emerging professionals who will gain insights into the fundamentals of detailing to intermediate and expert practitioners who want to explore advances in building tectonics.


Exterior envelope detailing is one of the most complex design challenges architects regularly face. Adding to the complexity are the ever increasing performance requirements envelopes must meet. With all this, how can architects maintain technical excellence?

This workshop breaks down the complexity of designing exterior envelope into discrete, easy to remember stages of development which can be applied to any design. The methods we will share have been developed with evolving technologies and performance requirements over the last 20 years and are used in our practice every day. The workshop will be divided up into three parts: a discussion on fundamental detailing principals, case study examples of how those principles are employed, and a hands-on session where we apply these principles and re-imagine details from notable mid-century modern buildings.


You will be hand-drawing details in this workshop! It will also consist of a discussion on fundamental detailing principles, followed by case study examples of how those principles are employed, concluding with a hands-on interactive session where we re-imagine details from notable mid-century modern projects. The interactive session is designed to engage a wide variety of practitioners using a variety of scales—exploring a wood framed mid-century modern home; exposed concrete mid-century modern civic building and an expressed steel mid-century modern commercial structure. Developing an understanding of “WHY” these principles are successful and the application of these principles by attendees in the workshop is important so they can extrapolate the concept into their work when systems are different than those discussed.


Please bring sketching materials such as colored pencils or pens, an architect's scale, and tracing paper or vellum. Electronic sketching is also welcome, such as using a pen-based tablet and sketching software.


An exceptional leader, Bradford J. Prestbo FAIA, is advancing the profession through his practice, advocacy, and educational efforts in the use of cutting-edge design technologies, high-performance design, and the incorporation of maker culture into the design process.

At Sasaki, he is an Associate Principal, the Director of Technical Resources and leads many amazingly innovative groups of technical specialists developing revolutionary products and services. These range from developing generative design scripts, increasing building performance with high-performance design, and building physical prototypes in our Fabrication Studio (FabLab). He also delivers high-profile projects of various size and complexity.

Bradford also finds time to share his knowledge of advanced design technologies, high-performance design, and how maker culture is transforming our practice with the industry. He practices internationally, is a sought-after speaker, is frequently interviewed by publishers, and is an educator via his detailing workshops, higher-education classes, design juries, and mentorship of emerging professionals.

Bradford is actively involved in the AIA, and a member of the College of Fellows. He is part of the leadership group in the AIA's Technology in Architectural Practice Knowledge Community, and founded the Boston Society of Architect’s MakeTANK Knowledge Community, where he currently serves as the National Director.

Chris O'Hara is a founding Principal of Studio NYL and is dedicated to the holistic design of buildings and their Skins including structural, thermal and hygrothermal analysis. Chris works between Studio NYL's Boulder and Boston offices and has provided enclosure design services on MIT's Site 4 Tower with NADAAA and Perkins and Will and Amherst's New Science Building which earned a COTE Top 10 with Payette as well as many projects around the world with Brad and his team at Sasaki.

Chris has served as a board member for the AIA Colorado-North Chapter, AIA Colorado Knowledge Director, AIA Colorado Design Conference Committee, CONSTRUCT Education Advisory Committee and the Architectural Graphic Standards Editorial Advisory Board. He is also a board member of the Native American Sustainable Housing Initiative.