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Design for Aging: In Historic Places - Historic Schools (Virtual)

Aging in Historic Places 2 no title

This series discussion focuses on the unique relationship between historic buildings and senior communities. Using historic buildings typologies and project case studies, the series will discuss the benefits of aging in community and in historic places and how senior housing can play a crucial role in social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Historic buildings inherently allow for active and engaging senior living due to their broad corridors, unique spaces, and oftentimes their historic open green spaces. What would be considered as building inefficiencies in new construction, is celebrated as a resource for aging in communities. We will examine interior environments and opportunities for universal design that are historically sensitive striking a balance between preserving the integrity of a historic building and keeping the building relevant and equitable in its future use.


Genevieve Frank AIA - ICON Architecture


Bethany Moody AIA - ICON Architecture