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Integrated Project Management

  • COST

    $2,250 (though 5/31/2024), $2,500

  • TYPE

    Professional Development



This is a sponsored event by the Harvard Graduate School of Design Executive Education.

Project Management is a core skill for all Project Disciplines. In today’s competitive, variable and changing environment, delivering projects successfully require a collaborative, whole team approach. While Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), LEAN Construction, and other delivery methods have their merits, they have not proven to be the alternative project delivery method the industry had hoped they would be while an alternate scalable, adaptable and collaborative approach is needed for everyday projects.

This program will address the need for holistic, effective, and efficient Project Management and leadership, to effectively manage resources, manage the consultant team and manage contractors, through a transparent and accountable process, to complete Project within budget and on schedule. Our distinguished instructors will facilitate an interactive, in person learning approach and explore these issues through lectures and case studies of real projects. They will also address how COVID-19 has affected project management and the A/E/C industry supply chain issues as a whole.