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Building Information Modeling (BIM) Roundtable

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    Free and open to the public

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    Professional Development



Building Momentum

As the Roundtable continues to discuss the state of BIM and other tech-enhanced design workflows and how we connect to the whole project lifecycle, we'll be focusing this monthly meeting on the following three topics to make progress on many fronts.

Busting the Myths of BIM: After years of hearing the promise of interoperability, the efficiency of a "single" collaborative model, and a data-rich model for everyone, we talk candidly about the reality of using BIM effectively in our design phase for normal and special projects. Also, the emergence of new tech disrupting and augmenting our design process and our use of BIM will be highlighted. Our goal is to publish a white paper or an article on Arch Daily or other industry forum.

University Roadshow: We are reaching out to local universities to see if there are like-minded professionals looking to apply state of the art design methods on their building projects and create an opportunity for students to learn from experimental case studies. Harvard University has asked us to speak on this topic in May so our group will collaborate on a presentation.

Tales of a Multi-User VR Experience: Mac from CBT will share his recent experience in a shared VR immersive design environment and we can explore the possibility of a design "holodeck" if a space was to be outfitted for use by many Boston area firms.

Come prepared to share your insights, your pain, your victories, and your case studies on a flash dive if you like. Sugar and caffeine will be dispensed in the form of breakfast treats.