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Designing Glazing in Cold Climates

This talk will address two factors when designing glazed openings in cold climates: radiant discomfort and downdraft discomfort, and how each correlates to the glazing U-value, window geometry and the need for perimeter heating. It will cover the physics of glazing heat loss and its impact on comfort, as well as the decision-making process that needs to be followed to ensure a comfortable environment early in the design. In particular, the speakers will address the impact that room-side low-e coatings, which significantly reduce the U-value of a glazing unit, can have on potential risk of downdraft. The session will include a demonstration of the newly released Glazing and Winter Comfort online tool, which can be used to quickly assess the risk of occupant discomfort associated to glazing geometry and performance.

The presenters will include Lynn Peterman, Vera Baranova and Alejandra Menchaca of Payette.

For those who qualify, 1.5 LUs are available.

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