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A Comparison of Health-Focused Rating Systems: WELL and Fitwel

There is an increasing interest around how the built environment impacts our health, and the design community is becoming much more proactive about incorporating evidence-based approaches to better impact occupant health and well-being. Two new ratings systems, WELL and Fitwel, have recently emerged upon the marketplace with the same goal in mind - to promote better health outcomes through better, measurable design; however, these systems, while similar, are very unique in their approach, certification process, etc.

This presentation will give a brief introduction to both systems, pointing out where they complement other ratings systems like LEEDv4, where they synergize, and where they diverge in order to help the audience understand where each can be employed - in tandem or standalone - to promote better health outcomes in the built environment, as well as to meet the health and wellness goals of their clients and projects moving forward.

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