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Construction Administration Roundtable

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Insulated Metal Panel - One stop shopping wall system. Sounds amazing ... so what's the problem?

Insulated Metal Panel or Single Barrier Wall Systems are all around us. These one-stop shopping, all-inclusive insulated exterior wall systems offers the design community an affordable single component solution. The system incorporates control layers for rain, air, vapor, and thermal all in one building envelope. Barrier walls provide a great R value, are thermally broken, has continuous insulation, can be air tight, can help accelerate the schedule and offer design flexibility and are customizable… Sounds amazing so what’s the problem?
These systems work fine in a region that don’t see much temperature change or pressure difference but we need to be able to use these systems anywhere, in any climate zone.
There has been issues with quality control with extensive leakage, panel fasteners were not sealed correctly, transition detail issues at the curtain wall jamb and base of wall / roofing terminations. CM’s do not see them as the cost effective alternative they appear to be.
What can we do?
The CA Roundtable is excited to host an open forum for a candid discussion with Owners, GC’s, Architects, Manufacturers, Installers and Enclosure Specialists That will attempt to address the following topics:
1. Lessons learned from each of these groups
2. Detailing experience at the CD level (on paper) vs shop drawings to installation (in the field)
3. Quality control issues.
4. What was it about a particular system that was good and not so good?
5. Post occupancy evaluation, performance
6. Costs – Is it less expensive than the typical multi-component system?

For those who qualify, 1.5 LU/HSWs are available.

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